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Currently, ultrasonography device become important equipment for supporting diagnosis in diesases. Unfortunetaly, a lot of ultrasonography images do not provide enough information for supporting diagnosis especially images produced by low-resolution ultrasonography. It is caused by image quality that has been produced is inadequate because of noise. This(More)
The use of characteristics of iris and pupil are very useful in wide range of applications. There have been many studies about detecting pupil and iris, however most of these studies focused on images which are taken under controlled illumination conditions. In this paper, we focus on images in which are taken under uncontrolled illumination using compact(More)
Separability filter method is a reliable method for pupil detection. However, so far this method is implemented for detecting pupil of normal eye, while for abnormal eye such as cataract and glaucoma patients; they have different characteristics of pupil such as color, shape and radius size of pupil. In this paper we propose to use separability filter for(More)
The use of image processing techniques in early detection of cataracts is a promising method to overcome the problems about limited health facilities in developing countries. This method used three kinds of features; specular reflection appearance, texture uniformity and average intensity inside the pupil. Refers to the some characteristics of reflection;(More)
Currently ultrasonography (USG) is becoming significant health equipment in helping physicians' diagnosis. One application is its use to scan the inside of the woman's uterus. In the uterus itself we can get a lot of information about illnesses and pregnancy. But sometimes it is little bit difficult for getting more information about abnormality inside(More)
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