Resurreccion B Sadaba

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The present study was carried out to investigate the higher fungi colonizing the herbaceous mangrove associate Acanthus ilicifolius. This paper reports part of an investigation to determine if there is vertical distribution of fungi on the standing plant. The Mai Po Mangrove, Hong Kong is estuarine with great variations in salinity mainly due to the(More)
This study assessed the toxicity of water-accommodated fraction (WAF) and chemically enhanced WAF (CEWAF) of bunker C oil and dispersant (DISP) to a microalga, Tetraselmis tetrathele. The 72-h median effective concentration (72-h EC50) of CEWAF and DISP were determined at 3.30% and 2.40%, respectively. The no observed effect concentration (NOEC) of CEWAF to(More)
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