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Controlled studies of treatments effective with victims of natural disasters are almost nonexistent. This is a small study conducted under difficult conditions to test the effectiveness of Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) in treating trauma related reactions following Hurricane Andrew. The results were positive in that EMDR produced(More)
A Spanish-speaking mother reported for child abuse of her 6-yr-old son and referred by child protective services received Spanish training protocols in their home provided by Project SafeCare. Treatment consisted of (1) child health care training, (2) planned activities training (PAT), and (3) home safety training. Following training, the mother met(More)
Medical education is perceived as being stressful as it is characterized by many psychological changes in students. 1 The study was aimed to determine the prevalence of stress among medical students-2011 admission batch. Their physical examination, anthropometry and BP measurements were done. GHQ-12 was used as a screening instrument for assessment of(More)
This study, the first undertaken by Western researchers with Soviet children on the subject of nuclear weapons, compared the questionnaire responses of 293 Soviet youngsters with those of 201 age-matched Californians. Interviews were conducted to supplement the questionnaire findings. Similarities and differences between the two samples are discussed in the(More)
Aims: (1) To estimate coverage of routine immunization in the EZ (2) To find out the reasons for partial immunization or non-immunization. Settings and Design: Cluster sampling using 30 clusters technique Methods and Material: Cross sectional study using 30 cluster sampling technique in the EZ of AMC during April 2010. Statistical analysis: Data was(More)
Patients with screening diagnoses of DSM-III-R anxiety disorders were surveyed in two clinics, one oriented toward pharmacology, the other toward behavior therapy. Patients in the two clinics were similar on demographic, diagnostic, and treatment variables but dissimilar on severity and composition of symptoms and on the use of medications and medical(More)
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