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In this paper, we present a new approach for handwritten character and digit recognitions based on shape descriptor and the Hausdorff Context. We start at finding the corresponding points between two shapes by using a modified shape context. We then use these correspondences as key geometric points for shape alignment with the Thin Plate Spline (TPS) model.(More)
A lot of image databases now exist that contain multiple modified versions of the same image. An extreme example of this is the large number of modified versions of images on the internet (web site). There is a need to develop tools that will enable the identification of all of the original and modified versions of the same images. Thus, in this paper(More)
This paper proposes a robust method for face recognition with variant illumination, scaling and rotation. Techniques introduced in this work are composed of two stages. First, the feature of face is to be detected by the combined of Trace Transform and Fast Active Contour. Then, in the second stage, the Hausdorff distance and Modified Shape Context are(More)