Renzo Shamey

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In order to model the mass transfer in a fluid, a "dispersion" model is frequently used. When the flow behavior does not drastically deviate from plug flow, the model performs well. The dispersive flow properties of liquids within fibrous textile assemblies however, have not been fully explored. In the mass transfer model, the dispersive flow is assumed to(More)
Determination of the role of subject experience in the development of accurate color difference formulas is of potentially critical concern. As part of a larger multivariable experiment investigating the minimum inter- and intra-subject variability possible among a set of subjects, a study was conducted to compare the performance of 25 novice versus 25(More)
The aim of this study was twofold, first to determine the effect of field view size and second of illumination conditions on the selection of unique hue samples (UHs: R, Y, G and B) from two rotatable trays, each containing forty highly chromatic Natural Color System (NCS) samples, on one tray corresponding to 1.4° and on the other to 5.7° field of view(More)
The aim of this study was to determine how accurately color-normal subjects that have received basic information about, but do not have practical experience with, the Natural Color System (NCS) can estimate the Heringian components of a representative selection of samples. Twenty-five color-normal subjects, taking part in two trials with at least a 24 h gap(More)
While black is one of the most prevalent industrial colors in the world, the colorimetric attributes of what is considered black vary significantly and the range of subtle hue undertones can be numerous. However, no systematic study can be found in the literature pertaining to the potential role of colorimetric attributes in the perceptual assessment of(More)