Renzo Salzmann

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Based on recent evidence for a physiological remodeling of neuromuscular contacts (Wernig et al.), a morphometric study was performed on axon- and cholinesterase-stained cutaneous pectoris muscle of frog. The aim of this investigation was to separate changes due to aging, growth, and environmental conditions. Within a single muscle, fiber diameters,(More)
We have synthesized and characterized via single-crystal X-ray diffraction methods iron(II), ruthenium(II), and osmium(II) carbonyl derivatives of
Mental and psychomotor abilities are impaired to varying degrees after general anaesthesia. This has important implications for the time over which patients are monitored in the recovery room and for the discharge of outpatients after day surgery. The present study was undertaken to compare recovery and mental and psychomotor skills in the first 60 min(More)
1. In pithed cats, the spinal sympathetic outflow was stimulated preganglionically at segments C7 and T1 and heart rate responses and nictitating membrane tone were measured in parallel. 2. Clonidine and a related drug, BS 100-141 (N-amidino-2(2,6-dichlorophenyl)acetamide hydrochloride), caused a dose-dependent inhibition of the stimulation-induced(More)
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