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In order to test a possible stimulatory effect of oxytocin and lysine-vasopressin on prolactin (PRL) release six female volunteers received either saline or 1 IU oxytocin (Syntocinon) i.v.. Blood sampling was performed at intervals over 90 minutes. Nine puerperae were treated with oral oxytocin (Sandopart) 50 IU t.i.d. for seven days. Nine other untreated(More)
Bromocriptin (CB 154) has been found to suppress established lactation at a time when human plasma prolactin (HPRL) concentrations have already returned to the nonpregnant range. This action is due to inhibition of prolactin from the pituitary. It was then thought that a similar degree of inhibition induced during the menstrual cycle may help to uncover(More)
There is little information about the action of ergot derivatives other than bromocriptine (CB 154) on plasma prolactin and milk secretion in human beings. In a recent report it has been suggested that ergonovine might interfere with lactation when administered post partum. The present study shows that methyl-ergonovine (Methergine), a closely related(More)