Renzhong Wang

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BACKGROUND Although it has been widely accepted that global changes will pose the most important constrains to plant survival and distribution, our knowledge of the adaptive mechanism for plant with large-scale environmental changes (e.g. drought and high temperature) remains limited. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS An experiment was conducted to examine(More)
BACKGROUND Although semi-arid and arid regions account for about 40% of terrestrial surface of the Earth and contain approximately 10% of the global soil organic carbon stock, our understanding of soil organic carbon dynamics in these regions is limited. METHODOLOGY/PRINCIPAL FINDINGS A field experiment was conducted to compare soil organic carbon(More)
Elucidating the driving factors among-population divergence is an important task in evolutionary biology, however the relative contribution from natural selection and neutral genetic differentiation has been less debated. A manipulation experiment was conducted to examine whether the phenotypic divergence of Leymus chinensis depended on climate variations(More)
There have been debates on the driving factors of C4 plant expansion, such as PCO2 decline in the late Micocene and warmer climate and precipitation at large-scale modern ecosystems. These disputes are mainly due to the lack of direct evidence and extensive data analysis. Here we use mass flora data to explore the driving factors of C4 distribution and(More)
Understanding System of Systems (SoS) requires novel ways to apply systems engineering processes. Acknowledged SoS have recognized objectives, a designated manager and resources for the SoS. The goal of this research is to develop a proof of concept tool suite for Acknowledged SoS systems simulation. This suite is named flexible, intelligent and learning(More)
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