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LiTMP metalated dimethyl N-Boc-phosphoramidates derived from 1-phenylethylamine and 1,2,3,4-tetrahydronaphthalen-1-ylamine highly selectively at the CH3O group to generate short-lived oxymethyllithiums. These isomerized to diastereomeric hydroxymethylphosphonamidates (phosphate–phosphonate rearrangement). However, s-BuLi converted the dimethyl(More)
The cold-constitutional and the heat-constitutional type had selected in Wistar rats as the object of study. Using peripheral blood and spleen as materials by means of ultraviolet injury, isotope incorporation, cells incubation in vitro and liquid scintillation counting, the capacity of peripheral lymphocytes DNA replication after damage with ultraviolet(More)
Metyrapone, metyrapol, and etomidate are competitive inhibitors of 11-deoxycorticosterone hydroxylation by 11β-hydroxylase. [(3)H]Metyrapol and 4-[(131)I]iodometomidate bind with high affinity to membranes prepared from bovine and rat adrenals. Here we report inhibitory potencies of several compounds structurally related to one or both of these adrenostatic(More)
Single-source precursors are mainly used in chemical vapor deposition and sol–gel processing to introduce two different elements into the final material. Typical singlesource precursors for sol–gel processing are bimetallic alkoxides in which the two metals are bridged by alkoxo groups, which are then lost upon sol–gel processing (i.e., upon formation of(More)
Aromatic amino acid ammonia-lyases and aromatic amino acid 2,3-aminomutases contain the post-translationally formed prosthetic 3,5-dihydro-4-methylidene-5H-imidazol-5-one (MIO) group. MIO enzymes catalyze the stereoselective synthesis of α- or β-amino acid enantiomers, making these chemical processes environmentally friendly and affordable. Characterization(More)
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