Renyuan Zhang

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“Let physics do computing” is a promising approach to new-paradigm computing in the beyond CMOS era. Building associative memories based on the physics of nano oscillators, in particular, presents a lot of potential for intelligent information processing. In this paper, we discuss how CMOS supporting circuitries can interface the fabric of(More)
We identify a new observability concept, called relative observability, in supervisory control of discrete-event systems under partial observation. A fixed, ambient language is given, relative to which observability is tested. Relative observability is stronger than observability, but enjoys the important property that it is preserved under set union; hence(More)
We study a new concept of relative coobservability in decentralized supervisory control of discrete-event systems under partial observation. This extends our previous work on relative observability from a centralized setup to a decentralized one. A fundamental concept in decentralized supervisory control is coobservability (and its several variations); this(More)
Titania-based materials, especially TiO2, have been extensively studied because of their unique electronic and optical properties as well as potential applications in photocatalysis, solar cells, sensing, energy conversion, and water purification. Several efforts have been made to synthesize ordered mesoporous TiO2 with high surface area and uniform pore(More)
The feasibility of designing digitally programmable delay elements (PDEs) employing neuron-MOS mechanism is investigated in this work. By coupling the capacitors on the gate of the MOS transistor, the current flowing through the transistor can be digitally tuned without additional static power consumption. Various switching delays are generated by a clock(More)
This paper presents a low voltage CMOS full-wave rectifier for wirelessly powered devices. By using a simple comparator-controlled switch, the lowest input voltage amplitude can be reduced to 0.7V when using a standard CMOS 0.18μm process. With only one comparator, the proposed design dramatically reduces the production cost. In combination with(More)
We study supervisor localization for real-time discrete-event systems (DES) in the Brandin-Wonham timed supervisory control framework. We view a real-time DES as comprised of asynchronous agents which are coupled through imposed logical and temporal specifications; the essence of supervisor localization is the decomposition of monolithic (global) control(More)
A magnesiothermic reduction approach is designed to synthesize mesoporous Si/C nanocomposites with ultrasmall, uniform silicon nanoparticles (ca. 3 nm) embedded in a rigid mesoporous carbon framework. The resultant mesoporous Si/C nanocomposites present excellent performance with high reversible capacity, good Coulombic efficiency and rate capability, and(More)
A Cockcroft-Walton type charge pump circuit is proposed in this paper. Compared with Dickson type, each transistor and capacitor in the proposed circuit just stand against the voltage less than one Vdd, so that a low break-down voltage process can be applied to this kind of charge pump to reduce the chip area cost and break-down risk. By using the proposed(More)