Renxian Wang

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Apoptosis is a regulated cellular suicide program that is critical for the development and maintenance of healthy tissues. Previous studies have shown that small kinetochore associated protein (SKAP) cooperates with kinetochore and mitotic spindle proteins to regulate mitosis. However, the role of SKAP in apoptosis has not been investigated. We have(More)
Bone regeneration involves a series of events in a coordinated manner, including recruitment of mesenchymal stem cells, induction of immune response, inflammatory activity and vascular ingrowth. The microenvironment of bone regeneration is hypoxic. Low oxygen tension (hypoxia) promotes the upregulation of several signaling molecules. The primary mediating(More)
Proteins belonging to the TRIM family have been implicated in a variety of cellular processes such as apoptosis, differentiation, neurogenesis, muscular physiology and innate immune responses. Trim69, previously identified as a novel gene cloned from a human testis cDNA library, has a homologous gene in zebrafish and this study focused on investigating the(More)
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