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Today a major drift is observed from static website to dynamic websites. The dynamic websites deliver the customized contents to their users. These websites cover a wide spectrum of applications which largely vary in its content, configuration and volume of traffic. The popular metrics designed to evaluate a dynamic website are response time, user(More)
—With the advent of dynamic website usually all business processes of a business organization are linked with the website of the organization. This is resulted in designing of a complex and gigantic website which may result in slow download and unfriendly navigation. Satisfying the end user need is one of the key principles of designing an effective(More)
Component Based Software Engineering is based on reusability of code. It is an approach which let customer to have quality product by paying less amount of money and spending less time to produce. In this paper we will find out the factors which greatly effects reliability of component based system by conducting literature survey. The focus of this paper is(More)
A web document of an educational web site is a document which caters updated and latest information to the user within precise time that defines the informativeness of a web document. While navigating a web document user expects that the facts which are cited in a web document must be Complete, Current, Accurate, and Reliable. On the basis of these factors(More)
Today website is considered as an image of an organization. The advent of privatization has lead to a cut throat competition among the various educational institutes thus designing an effective website is very important. For designing an effective website it is required to identify the need of the visitors of the website. In current scenario the objective(More)
Virtualization is the most emerging topic of this decade that has transformed the way the IT infrastructure is deployed. Virtualization is capturing the IT industry and replacing the physical environment with the virtual one. Thus, before switching to virtualization it is very essential for an organization to evaluate the performance of the virtual(More)
In current trend the component based system (CBSD) is one the most popular techniques used for designing the projects as they provide the potential reuse of various components in the future. CBSD is based on the idea that software systems can be developed by selecting and integrating appropriate components, which have already been developed, and then(More)
Websites is considered as a mode of communication by an organization through the virtual environment. To make this communication effective one need to identify the stakeholders and understand their behavior online. In order to achieve this the users were given a series of task scenarios and the analysis was done to gauge the effectiveness of website. The(More)