Renuga Kanagavelu

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In this paper, we propose a power-efficient solution for virtual machine placement and migration in a fat tree data center network. This solution reduces power consumption as well as job delay by aggregating virtual machines to a few hyper visors and migrating communicating parties to close locations. In this work, we consider OpenFlow as the implementation(More)
iSCSI is a network storage technology designed to provide an economical solution over a TCP/IP Network. This paper presents a new iSCSI design with multiple TCP/IP connections. The prototype is developed and experiments are conducted for performance evaluation on Gigabit Ethernet (GE). Test results show that the new iSCSI design improves performance 20%~60%(More)
In large distributed Object-based Storage Systems, the performance, availability and scalability of the Metadata Server (MDS) cluster are critical. Traditional MDS cluster suffers from frequent metadata access and metadata movement within the cluster. In this paper, we present a new method called Hashing Partition (HAP) for MDS cluster design to avoid these(More)
Data Center Networks need densely interconnected topologies to provide high bandwidth for various cloud computing services. It is required to fully utilize the bandwidth resource in such a network with varying traffic patterns. We propose a flow-based edge-to-edge rerouting scheme for the Data Center Networks which has the mix of large flows and short(More)
The use of Software-Defined Networking (SDN) with OpenFlow-enabled switches in Data Centers has received much attention from researchers and industries. One of the major issues in OpenFlow switch is the limited size of the flow table resulting in evictions of flows from the flow table. From Data Center traffic characteristics, we observe that elephant flows(More)
Modeling and simulation is an effective way to design and evaluate the performance of a network storage system. OSDsim is designed and developed for simulation of an Object-based Storage Device (OSD) system. An OSD File System (OSDFS) has been designed and developed for OSDsim. It can provide high throughput for big object requests and also maintain high(More)
Data availability is a major challenge faced by today's Data Centers where a large number of high performance servers are organized into racks interconnected by a switching network. Data replication is an effective approach for data protection as redundancy ensures at least one copy of data is available in the event of failures. To achieve low latency and(More)
With the trend that wireless network and mobile devices have become more and more prevalent, there is an increasing need to build a wireless storage system that can access information efficiently and correctly. iSCSI (Internet SCSI) is an important protocol to enable remote storage access through the TCP/IP network. The performance of iSCSI over wireless(More)
—In datacenter network (DCN) research, one key challenge is to reproduce the relative performances of different scalable DCN architectures in an unbiased and transparent way. Adequately addressing this challenge will support the validation of performance studies, and this is fundamental to building a strong research foundation and making wise datacenter(More)
* Business requirements for data availability, survivability, and performance have driven the need for building the network storage that interconnects various kinds of storage devices to allow remote access by multiple hosts. A new revolutionary storage technology called " Object based Storage Devices (OSD) " is now emerging as a promising technology to(More)