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Although the security in WSNs is currently being provided through mostly Symmetric Key Cryptography but still Public Key Cryptography plays a vital role in providing security in secure communication in a Wireless Sensor Network. Due to the memory constraints in wireless sensor nodes, the proposed protocols in the literature are based on the idea of(More)
Music plays a vital role influencing the emotion of a person. Music affects almost all the major parts of the brain like the Prefrontal Cortex, Motor Cortex, Cerebellum, Visual Cortex, Hippocampus etcetera. Studies have shown that individuals work much more effortlessly after listening to a piece of music that is in accordance to their mood at that(More)
As the world becomes more and more complex and so does the health problems faced by the individuals living on this Earth. Many of the health problems are hard to identify and explain. This is especially true with adolescents who are not able to speak at their early age of life and are not able to express the pain felt. There are also conditions with certain(More)
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