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UNLABELLED The triangle of relationship between human beings, animals and plants has existed for ages, and has given rise to intense-relationships and consequently rich traditions of ethnoveterinary knowledge throughout the world. The predominantly rural population and the strong agricultural base have provided unique situation for rich ethnoveterinary(More)
Alzheimer's disease (AD) is a neurodegenerative process primarily characterized by amyloid-β (Aβ) agglomeration, neuroinflammation, and cognitive dysfunction. The prominent cause for dementia is the deposition of Aβ plaques and tau-neurofibrillary tangles that hamper the neuronal organization and function. Aβ pathology further affects numerous signaling(More)
A set of 30 accessions of five Curcuma species-C. latifolia, C. malabarica, C. manga and C. raktakanta and 13 morphotypes (identified on the basis of morphological markers) of C. longa conserved in the In Vitro Genebank at National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources, New Delhi, were subjected to RAPD analysis. Of the 200 RAPD primers screened, 21 polymorphic(More)
We report a method for site-specific fabrication of Fe catalyst particles on silica (SiO(2)) substrate by electron beam induced decompositionat 650 (EBID) of iron nonacarbonyl. The unobstructed, atomic level in situ observations of the catalyst particles, recorded degrees C in 8-15 mTorr of acetylene, reveal the structural transformations during reduction,(More)
OBJECTIVE Most studies that determine the range of motion of joints of the lower limbs study the Western population. The Asian population differs significantly, as daily activities demand different sitting positions. Our study aimed to establish the normal values of hip and ankle range of motion in various age groups in the Indian population and the effect(More)
In a field experiment, the pattern and size of shrinkage cracks were studied under three vegetative covers of wheat crop, grass and cultivated fallow. Both the pattern and size of cracking varied widely. Under wheat crop, the major cracks developed parallel to the rows particularly midway between the two rows of plants. The cracks were few in number and(More)
Results of vehicle crosswind research involving both full-scale driver-vehicle tests and associated analyses are presented. The paper focuses on experimental crosswind testing of several different vehicle configurations and a group of seven drivers. Atest procedure, which utilized wind-generating fans arranged in alternating directions to provide a(More)
Osteomyelitis of the jaws is inadequately treated true bony infection of the complex craniofacial anatomy and associated craniofacial skeletal. It is one of the most difficult infections to treat. It is a well documented fact that most of the cases of Maxillofacial Osteomyelitis occur in the mandibular region as compared to the maxilla. This case report(More)
The present paper describes a topological model of biofeedback. This model incorporates input from a sensory organ and a transduction phase mediated through catecholamine production in the feedback path. The transduction phase comprises both conservative and dissipative systems, from which the appropriate output is combined in a closed loop. The model has(More)
Cancer development and progression are closely associated with inflammation. NF-κB (nuclear factor κB) provides a mechanistic link between inflammation and cancer, and is a major factor controlling the ability of malignant cells to resist tumour surveillance mechanisms. NF-κB might also regulate tumour angiogenesis and invasiveness and the signalling(More)