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Forty-one infants with a pouch colon malformation accompanied by a high anorectal anomaly were treated between January 1986 and December 1990. The 41 cases constituted 9% of all anorectal malformations and 15.2% of high defects managed during this period. There were 32 boys and nine girls; three of the girls had an associated cloaca. Many of the babies(More)
BACKGROUND/PURPOSE The authors' recent experience with the study of the presentation, the pathological anatomy, and results of management of congenital pouch colon (CPC) malformations is presented. The possible embryogenesis of this condition is discussed. METHODS Between January 1991 and June 1997, CPC with anorectal agenesis was diagnosed in 39(More)
A 1(1/2)-year-old girl with a urogenital sinus defect associated with an enlarged phalluslike clitoris is described. The child had an anteriorly located anus, a single kidney with grade III vesicoureteric reflux, a 3.5-cm-long common urethrovaginal channel, a large vesical calculus, and a hamartoma in the pubic region. After a preliminary colostomy,(More)
Recent developments in isothermal microcalorimetry allow the direct determination of kinetic and thermodynamic parameters for slow reactions from studies conducted at appropriate temperatures and under designated environmental control. The degradation kinetics of amoxicillin trihydrate has been investigated as a function of pH (1-10) and temperature(More)
Artesunate (AST), the most widely used artemisnin derivative, has poor aqueous solubility and suffers from low oral bioavailability (~40%). Under these conditions, nanoparticles with controlled and sustained released properties can be a suitable solution for improving its biopharmaceuticals properties. This work reports the preparation and characterization(More)
The significance of herbals and herbal products is gaining worldwide recognition. The concept of complementary or alternative medicine is becoming much more widely accepted, and there is an increasing belief in the efficacy of herbal remedies. Recently, the role of herbal drugs, herbal products and certain phytochemicals in the control of ageing has been(More)
A 1-day-old boy who presented with an anorectal malformation (ARM) was found to have a segmental dilatation of the colon (SDC) associated with a typical congenital pouch colon (CPC) malformation. The distal colonic pouch terminated in a high colovesical fistula. The posterior portion of the perineal raphé was duplicated and ended in 2 anal dimples. Both(More)
Incomplete parasitic twinning with the parasite attached at the host's epigastrium is extremely rare. We report a case of epigastric parasitic twinning where the parasite with a well-developed pelvis and lower limbs had accessory pelvic organs and was attached to the host above an omphalocele. The parasite was excised and the omphalocele managed(More)
An unusual case of caudal duplication is presented in which the infant had an extra lower limb with 14 digits attached to an accessory parasitic pelvis situated in the midline subpubic area. Duplication of the external genitalia was also present. Successful excision of the accessory limb and reconstruction of the genitalia was performed in the neonatal(More)