Renton Righelato

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In batch cultures of Pseudomonas aeruginosa, the maximum rate of exopolysaccharide synthesis occurred during exponential growth. In nitrogen-limited continuous culture, the specific rate of exopolysaccharide synthesis increased from 0.27 g g of cell-1 h-1 at a dilution rate (D) of 0.05 h-1 to 0.44 g g of cells h-1 at D=0.1 H-1. The yield of(More)
The effect of ethanol on yeast growth and fermentation has been studied in two strains, NCYC479 (a commercial saké yeast) and 5D-cyc (a laboratory haploid strain). The effect of ethanol on growth was similar in the two strains. It showed complex kinetics which resulted from both the inhibition of the growth rate itself and also a reduction in cell(More)
The kinetics of penicillin production by Penicillium chrysogenum Wis 54-1255 in a glucose-limited chemostat and in batch cultures are reported. The specific production rate of penicillin, q(pen) (units per milligram of dry weight per hour) was independent of specific growth rate over the range 0.014 to 0.086 hr. Growth was stopped by restricting the glucose(More)
The rate of fermentation of glucose by Saccharomyces uvarum in steadystate continuous culture in excess of substrates showed non-competitive inhibition kinetics with respect to ethanol. A model is presented which predicts that growth stops at a finite ethanol concentration, which was calculated to be 95 gl-1 for the system used here. The observed maximum(More)
Beer contains a very complex mixture of nutrients, which in this work are identified to some extent by high-field high-resolution nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) one- and two-dimensional methods. The (1)H NMR spectrum of beer shows a predominance of strongly overlapped peaks arising from several carbohydrates. Minor components are clearly observed both in(More)