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Network virtualization is meant to improve the efficiency of network infrastructure by sharing a physical substrate network among multiple virtual networks. Virtual network embedding (VNE) determines how to map a virtual network request onto a physical substrate. In this paper, we first overview three possible underlying substrates for interdatacenter(More)
Port-based or payload-based analysis is becoming difficult for accurate traffic identification when many applications use dynamic port numbers and encryption to avoid detection. In this paper we present an approach for online traffic classification relying on the observation of the first n packets of a flow. The packet size and inter-arrival times of the(More)
Ever-increasing demands on bandwidth compel us to improve the bandwidth utilization of access networks. It is more important to enhance the efficiency of passive optical networks (PON) than other access technologies, as they are the primary solutions to various access scenarios. To satisfy the demands of improved bandwidth efficiency, we propose a(More)
This paper proposed a secure and efficient metro-access network scheme which combines network coding and source encryption to break the transport limitation of metro access networks. The proposed scheme provides higher throughput over the bottleneck links and prevent wiretap and modification attack at the same time. What's more, the number of message to be(More)
The huge increase in broadband service requires much more bandwidth than ever before; however, due to the cost sensitivity, it is not possible to pursue high transmission rate blindly in the access network, which requires us to consider how to improve network efficiency. In this paper, a software-defined passive optical network architecture with network(More)
Exemplar-based methods have been widely used in human action recognition. To analyze human action in monocular video has always been a challenging problem, due to depth information loss and ambiguities. In this paper we presented a method applying skin color detection and then calculating relative positions of face and hands to solve self-occlusions and to(More)