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The toxicological effects of a primary-treated municipal effluent plume were investigated in two species of freshwater mussels, Elliptio complanata and Dreissena polymorpha, exposed for 62 days at sites upstream and downstream of an effluent outfall in the St. Lawrence River (Quebec, Canada). Levels of metallothioneins (MT), cytochrome P4501A1 activity, DNA(More)
Magnetic properties of atmospheric particulate matter collected by both natural and artificial dust receptors are increasingly being used as proxy parameters for environmental analyses. This study reports the first investigation of the relationship between smelting factory activity and the impact on the environment as recorded by the magnetic signature in(More)
10615 Background: The addition of H to a taxane provides significant clinical benefit, including prolonged survival, in HER2-positive MBC. H adds little to the toxicity of taxanes alone. As monotherapy, X has consistently high activity and favorable safety. The addition of X to docetaxel extends survival in MBC. Preliminary data [Bangemann et al. 2000](More)
The effect of agricultural land run-off on the water quality of Lake Kojima, Japan, was investigated using a short-term bioassay-guided chemical analysis. Water samples were collected for 1 year starting from June 1995 to June 1996. Toxicity of the dissolved and adsorbed extracts in the water samples was evaluated using the Daphnia immobilization test and(More)
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