Rens Philipsen

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In order to cope with fluctuations and uncertainty, power systems rely on contracted reserves. The day-ahead Unit Commitment (UC) is the short-term planning process which is commonly used to schedule these resources at minimum cost, while operating the system and units within secure technical limits. This paper shows through the evaluation of deterministic(More)
This paper presents the results of an online questionnaire (N=130) focusing on the impact of initial information for novel systems in two different automation levels. Willingness to share data and privacy concerns were compared between partial and conditional automation. With initial information on system limits manipulated between participants,(More)
Large controllable loads, such as electric vehicles, are increasingly penetrating electricity distribution feeders. To avoid local congestion, their consumption behaviour must be steered, for which a real-time price propagated down from the transmission system does not suffice, as it does not reflect local grid conditions. To efficiently steer the charging(More)
In an electricity market, controllable loads allow users to react to price signals. If the share of renewable electricity generation increases, the electricity price may not correlate with available network capacity. In such a scenario, the electricity price must be supplemented with a signal that indicates the availability of network capacity. This is(More)
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