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Si nanocrystals (NCs) are often prepared by thermal annealing of multiple stacks of alternating sub-stoichiometric SiOx and SiO2 nanolayers. It is frequently claimed that in these structures, the NC diameter can be predefined by the thickness of the SiOx layer, while the NC concentration is independently controlled by the stoichiometry parameter x. However,(More)
One of the important obstacles on the way to application of Si nanocrystals for development of practical devices is their typically low emissivity. In this study we explore the limits of external quantum yield of photoluminescence of solid-state dispersions of Si nanocrystals in SiO2. By making use of a low-temperature hydrogen passivation treatment we(More)
Carrier multiplication in nanostructures promises great improvements in a number of widely used technologies, among others photodetectors and solar cells. The decade since its discovery was ridden with fierce discussions about its true existence, magnitude, and mechanism. Here, we introduce a novel, purely spectroscopic approach for investigation of carrier(More)
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