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OBJECTIVES (1) Develop a sham moxibustion device; (2) determine whether volunteer participants and practitioners can distinguish the sham procedure from real moxibustion during treatment for prevention of the common cold; and (3) assess the feasibility of conducting a larger clinical trial of the device. DESIGN Double-blinded, randomized,(More)
BACKGROUND American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius) is a medicine food homology plant, whose origin determines the medicinal and economical values. Therefore, a reliable method for the determination of its geographical origin must be established. An accurate, common and stable method to identify geographical origins of raw American ginseng and tablets was(More)
1.1 Mining principle of herbal combinations The highlight of this research is providing a appropriate statistical method to find out medication rules of chronic gastritis and allergic rhinitis, which will help us to guarantee clinical effects for this two diseases. Five Viscera Tonifying Method (FVTM) was established by Prof. Gao Zhongying, a national(More)
The development of science and technology had brought about many changes in life of human being. Research of Virtual Reality (VR) technology has already made important progress in the world. It is widely used in military, industrial development and education. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a valuable asset in China. The development of the education(More)
The aim of this study is to conduct a retrospective bibliometric analysis of articles about rehabilitation medicine using virtual reality technology. Bibliometrics is one subfield of scientometric. It is an effective tool for evaluating research trends in different science fields. A systematic bibliometric search was performed using three academic databases(More)
Five Viscera Tonifying Method (FVTM) was established by Prof. Gao Zhongying, a national prestigious and experienced practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This method extends the implication of tonfiying method while making a break-through in traditional TCM theory. With this featured method in pattern identification and herbal prescription,(More)
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