Reno Reckling

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We present an approach for recognizing scenes, consisting of spatial relations between objects, in unstructured indoor environments, which change over time. Object relations are represented by full six Degree-of-Freedom (DoF) coordinate transformations between objects. They are acquired from object poses that are visually perceived while people demonstrate(More)
We present an approach that combines passive scene understanding with object search in order to recognize scenes in indoor environments that cannot be perceived from a single point of view. Passive scene recognition is performed using Implicit Shape Models based on spatial relations between objects. ISMs, a variant of the Generalized Hough Transform, are(More)
Social network analysis (SNA) has attracted a lot of attention over the past years. Existing tools for SNA do not allow a user-centric analysis of the social neighborhood, i.e., the subgraph of the user's friends and friends of a friend. In this paper, we introduce SONAR, an open source Web application for user-centric SNA. Its extensible architecture and(More)
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