Rennie M Negron

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Research has indicated that social support is a major buffer of postpartum depression. Yet little is known concerning women’s perceptions on social support during the postpartum period. The objective of this study was to explore postpartum women’s views and experiences with social support following childbirth. Four focus groups were conducted with an(More)
BACKGROUND Minority women are often not adequately represented in randomized controlled trials, limiting the generalizability of research trial results. METHODS We implemented a recruitment strategy for a postpartum depression prevention trial that utilized patient feedback to identify and understand the recruitment barriers of black and Latina postpartum(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Although poststroke depression is common, racial-ethnic disparities in depression among stroke survivors remain underexplored. Thus, we investigated the relationship between race/ethnicity and depression in a multiracial-ethnic stroke cohort. METHODS Baseline survey data of validated scales of depression and functional status,(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Efforts to reduce disparities in recurrent stroke among Black and Latino stroke survivors have met with limited success. We aimed to determine the effect of peer education on secondary stroke prevention among predominantly minority stroke survivors. METHODS Between 2009 and 2012, we enrolled 600 stroke or transient ischemic attack(More)
The purpose of this study was to explore potential mediators of the relationship between depression and obesity in a sample of low-income, minority women. Data were extracted from a sample of 535 women enrolled in a weight loss intervention for the prevention of type 2 diabetes. Using a non-parametric bootstrapping procedure, the potential mediation effects(More)
BACKGROUND Misinformation regarding the risks of abortion is prevalent and commonly includes medical inaccuracies about health, depression, infertility and breast cancer. This pilot study sought to assess misinformation among abortion clients as well as the origin(s) of their abortion knowledge. STUDY DESIGN Women who presented to the Mount Sinai School(More)
INTRODUCTION Despite global progress on many measures of child health, rates of neonatal mortality remain high in the developing world. Evidence suggests that substantial improvements can be achieved with simple, low-cost interventions within family and community settings, particularly those designed to change knowledge and behaviour at the community level.(More)
BACKGROUND Variants of the APOL1 gene increase risk for kidney failure 10-fold, and are nearly exclusively found in people with African ancestry. To translate genomic discoveries into practice, we gathered information about effects and challenges incorporating genetic risk in clinical care. METHODS An academic-community-clinical team tested 26 adults with(More)
Stroke is a leading cause of disability in the United States and disproportionately affects minority populations. We sought to explore the quality of life in urban, minority stroke survivors through their own photos and narratives. Using the Photovoice method, seventeen stroke survivors were instructed to take pictures reflecting their experience living(More)
BACKGROUND Patients' medication-related concerns and necessity-beliefs predict adherence. Evaluation of the potentially complex interplay of these two dimensions has been limited because of methods that reduce them to a single dimension (difference scores). PURPOSE We use polynomial regression to assess the multidimensional effect of stroke-event(More)
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