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Tracking of items on shelves is an important but time-consuming task in inventory control. In particular, books in public libraries are frequently borrowed and returned, even misplaced, and proves a challenge to be tracked on a daily basis. To track the books efficiently, we propose the Autonomous Robotic Shelf Scanning (AuRoSS) system. This paper(More)
This paper presents a new simulation platform for the industrial project of Robot Application Development and Operating Environment (RADOE). The simulator displays the robot models in Gazebo and Rviz interfaces concurrently starting from the bare bone framework. A Rviz interface plugin is developed for users to easily load the launch files or parameter(More)
Visual programming is widely used to allow users to create programs by manipulating program elements graphically rather than by specifying them textually. It is intuitive and effective. However, it has only just begun to be used in robotic programming. For example, in the Robot Operating System (ROS) - a popular framework used for developing robotic(More)
Robotic softwares with convenient operation and programming are desirable to increase the efficiency and efficacy of industrial robots which work in complex and fickle environments. To develop such softwares, we aim to develop a new robotic software called RADOE (Robot Application Development and Operating Environment), under the support from the Science(More)
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