Renjit Mathew Peter

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Cocaine N-demethylation to norcocaine was studied in human liver microsomes of different ages. Norcocaine was formed at a considerable rate in fetal (45.4+/-18.2 nmol/mg x hour, n = 8) and adult specimens (82.0+/-46.6 nmol/mg x hour, n = 15), p = 0.04 (Mann-Whitney). Furthermore, the apparent Km values in fetal specimens (0.57 and 0.48 mM, n = 2) showed a(More)
Tuberculous dactylitis (Spina Ventosa) is an uncommon and a rare condition which is difficult to differentiate from other lesions, particularly tumors.There is a spindle shaped expansion of the short tubular bones due to tuberculous granuloma.Hence it is also known as Spina Ventosa.We report the case of a 12-yearold, healthy, right handed boy who consulted(More)
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