Renjini G Nambiar

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CONTEXT The molecular basis for about 70-80% of 46,XY sex-reversed females remains unexplained, because they carry normal copies of the genes (SRY, SOX9, DAX1, DMRT, SF1, WT1) involved in sex determination pathway. OBJECTIVE The objective of this study is to map the chromosomal locus responsible for an unexplained sex-reversed phenotype. DESIGN The(More)
S. Dutt1, S.H. Advani2, B.N. Dhabhar3, P.S. Dattatreya4, S. Patil5, S. Chatterjee6, S. Srinivasan7, D.K. Mishra8, T. Raja9, K. Pavithran10, P.V.A. Reddy11, R.G. Nambiar1, R. Gaur1 Dept of Pathology, Oncquest Laboratories Ltd, Delhi, INDIA Medical Oncology, S. L. Raheja Hospital, Mumbai, INDIA Medical Oncology, Fortis Hospital, Mumbai, INDIA Medical(More)
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