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We study the problem of approximately counting matchings in hypergraphs of bounded maximum degree and maximum size of hyperedges. With an activity parameter λ, each matching M is assigned a weight λ |M |. The counting problem is formulated as computing a partition function that gives the sum of the weights of all matchings in a hypergraph. This problem(More)
Analytical ultracentrifugation (AUC) is a first principles based method to determine absolute sedimentation coefficients and buoyant molar masses of macromolecules and their complexes, reporting on their size and shape in free solution. The purpose of this multi-laboratory study was to establish the precision and accuracy of basic data dimensions in AUC and(More)
—Associating with the feasibility in configuration-issued platform model of SIS system in power station, this thesis provides a complete SVG graphic format transfer plan. The searching objective of this article is EDPF-NT+ Distributed Control System graphic document. It employs a way to parse the elements respectively. This thesis also makes an elaborate(More)
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