Renjian Li

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One important quantitative property of CPS (Cyber-Physical Systems) software is its heap bound for which a precise analysis result needs to combine shape analysis and numeric reasoning. In this paper, we present a framework for statically finding symbolic heap bounds of CPS software. The basic idea is to separate numeric reasoning from shape analysis by(More)
According to the special circumstances of the archipelago berth allocation, this paper proposes a model of Archipelago Berth Allocation Problem(ABAP), which considers numerous constraints such as the adaptability of berths, the depth of channels and the characteristics of ships. The objective of the problem is to minimize the sum of the handling time,(More)
We present an approach under the framework of abstract interpretation to analyze list-manipulating programs by combining shape and numerical abstractions. The analysis automatically divides a list into non-overlapping list segments according to the reachability property of pointer variables to list nodes. The list nodes in each segment are abstracted by a(More)
Full precise pointer analysis has been a challenging problem, especially when dealing with dynamically-allocated memory. Separation logic can describe pointer alias formally, but cannot describe the quantitative reachability between pointers. In this paper, we present a symbolic framework for analyzing the reachability between pointers in list-manipulating(More)
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