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This study evaluates changes in access to health care in response to the pilot experiment of urban health insurance reform in China. The pilot reform began in Zhenjiang and Jiujiang cities in 1994, followed by an expansion to 57 other cities in 1996, and finally to a nationwide campaign in the end of 1998. Specifically, this study examines the pre- and(More)
mation and Management (AAIM), Portland, OR, USA, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 4508, pp. 399–410. Springer (2007) 12. Jiang, M.: A PTAS for the weighted 2-interval pattern problem over the preceding-and-crossing model. In: Y.X. A.W.M. Dress, B. Zhu (eds.) Proc. 1st Annual International Conference on Combinatorial Optimization and Applications(More)
For opening widely the use of loader and meet the needs of customs, the unloading highly equipment of loader was custom-made designed by Genetic Algorithms on the basis of normal ZL50 wheel one. In order to reduce the costs and improve the spare parts in common use, only a few spare parts in unloading equipment are redesigned and others remain unchanged.(More)
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