Rengkui Liu

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Condition-based maintenance is believed to be a cost-effective and safety-assured strategy for railroad track management. Implementation of the strategy strongly relies on reliable and complete track condition data, reliable track deterioration models, and efficient and solvable mathematical models for optimal track maintenance scheduling. In practice,(More)
Track Irregularity has a significant influence on the safety of train operation. Due to the fact that the extremely large number of factors affect track irregularity, it is challenging to find a concise yet effective mathematical method to describe the evolution of track irregularity. In this paper, inspection data generated by GJ-4 track inspection cars(More)
Because of the increase in the speed of passenger trains and the gross weight of freight trains, and the evolution of China's railway system, the maintenance of way department is facing significantly higher safety challenges. Risk management is essential to achieve safe operation of the railway system. This article presents a study on the development of(More)
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