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In this paper we address the problem of transmission of correlated sources over a fading multiple access channel (MAC). We provide sufficient conditions for transmission with given distortions. Next these conditions are specialized to a Gaussian MAC (GMAC). Transmission schemes for discrete and Gaussian sources over a fading GMAC are considered. Various(More)
We consider the problem of transmission of correlated discrete alphabet sources over a Gaussian multiple access channel (GMAC). A distributed bit-to-Gaussian mapping is proposed which yields jointly Gaussian codewords. This can guarantee lossless transmission or lossy transmission with given distortions, if possible. The technique can be extended to the(More)
We consider the transmission of correlated Gaussian sources over orthogonal Gaussian channels. It is shown that the amplify and forward (AF) scheme which simplifies the design of encoders and the decoder, performs close to the optimal scheme even at high SNR. Also, it outperforms a recently proposed scalar quantizer scheme both in performance and(More)
In this paper, the focus is on the cell edge users of a cellular system. This is because in order to maximize the system throughput, the communication systems employ very tight frequency reuse. This leads to interference limited systems where the interference is highest at the cell edges. The key ingredients of such networks are the receivers that are able(More)
A scheme that integrates digital signature and data hiding to provide hi–tech authentication for palette images is proposed in this paper. The scheme extracts digital signature from the original palette image and embeds it back into the same palette image, avoiding additional signature file. Digital signature generation is employed using elliptic curve(More)
The proposed processors in Part I[2], DDNAM and MNAM, are effective for small-scale neu-ronal assembly modeling. Realistic modeling of massive neuronal assemblies demands enormous computation resources beyond the number crunching capability of either a MNAM or a DDNAM processor. This has led us to develop two array processors, one based on mixed signal and(More)
Dielectric integrity tests usually performed to check the dielectric strength of an electrical insulation are power frequency withstand, lightning impulse (LI) and switching impulse (SI) withstand voltage tests. These standard testing techniques involve subjecting the insulation to over voltages which are several times the rated voltage. Incidentally,(More)
The objective of lightning impulse voltage (LI Voltage) test on power transformer is to check the dielectric strength of the transformer against over voltages of atmospheric origin. Mostly when transformers of high transformation ratio is subjected to LI voltage test, the standard LI voltage waveshape distorts and consequently the wavetail falls much below(More)
(3) As (1) above, reena _v_t@yahoo.com (4) As (2) above, kgeorge@vsnl.net ABSTRACT: GPS signals are susceptible to interference levels above the inherent processing gain of the receiver. In this paper an innovative approach to cancel narrowband interference is presented. An Adaptive Temporal Filter (ATF) based on a Transversal form that pre-filters the(More)
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