Rengansivagurunathan Rajesh

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Studies of ad hoc wireless networks are a relatively new field gaining more popularity for various new applications. In these networks, the medium access control (MAC) protocols are responsible for coordinating the access from active nodes. These protocols are of significant importance since the wireless communication channel is inherently prone to errors(More)
A scheme that integrates digital signature and data hiding to provide hi–tech authentication for palette images is proposed in this paper. The scheme extracts digital signature from the original palette image and embeds it back into the same palette image, avoiding additional signature file. Digital signature generation is employed using elliptic curve(More)
The proposed processors in Part I[2], DDNAM and MNAM, are effective for small-scale neu-ronal assembly modeling. Realistic modeling of massive neuronal assemblies demands enormous computation resources beyond the number crunching capability of either a MNAM or a DDNAM processor. This has led us to develop two array processors, one based on mixed signal and(More)
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