Renganathan Ilayaraja

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The role of pheromones and pheromone-binding proteins in the laboratory rat has been extensively investigated. However, we have previously reported that the preputial gland of the Indian commensal rat produces a variety of pheromonal molecules and preputial glands would seem to be the predominant source for pheromonal communication. The presence of(More)
The alpha2u-globulin (alpha2u) is a pheromone carrier urinary protein believed to be relevant for sexual communication among rats and is characterized in laboratory rats. In the present study 17 kDa protein and the bound pheromones were characterized in a population of wild-type Indian common house rat (Rattus rattus). The protein was purified by two runs(More)
Chemosignals play a crucial role in social and sexual communication among inter- and intra-species. Chemical cues are bound with protein that is present in the pheromones irrespective of sex are commonly called as pheromone binding protein (PBP). In rats, the pheromone compounds are bound with low molecular lipocalin protein α2u-globulin (α2u). We reported(More)
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