Renfan Shao

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Macroscopic polarization density, characteristic of ferroelectric phases, is stabilized by dipolar intermolecular interactions. These are weakened as materials become more fluid and of higher symmetry, limiting ferroelectricity to crystals and to smectic liquid crystal stackings of fluid layers. We report the SmAP(F), the smectic of fluid polar orthorhombic(More)
The growth of helical filaments in the B4 liquid-crystal phase was investigated in mixtures of the bent-core and calamitic mesogens NOBOW and 8CB. Freezing-point depression led to nucleation of the NOBOW B4 phase directly from the isotropic phase in the mixtures, forming large left- and right-handed chiral domains that were easily observed in the(More)
The SmC phase of 4'-octyloxyphenyl-4-octyloxybenzoate has been examined in light of recent reports that this phase is chiral. The results suggest that two varieties of chiral domains in LC cells of the phenylbenzoate are indeed formed, driven by interactions with surfaces. Application of sensitive probes for chirality and polarity in the absence of such(More)
Among the condensed phases, those of lowest point group symmetry are the triclinic crystals, which have only the identity element or the identity and inversion elements. Such low symmetry is stabilized by the specificity of molecular interaction, which is weakened with increasing disorder, so that known phases with fluid degrees of freedom are more(More)
We have identified a metastable liquid-crystal (LC) structure in the de Vries smectic-A* phase (de Vries Sm-A*) formed by silicon-containing molecules under certain boundary conditions. The phase transition with the metastable structure was observed in a LC droplet placed on a planar aligned substrate and LCs confined in the groove of a silicon(More)
We report a bent-core liquid crystal (LC) compound exhibiting two fluid smectic phases in which two-dimensional, polar, orthorhombic layers order into three-dimensional ferroelectric states. The lower-temperature phase has a uniform polarization field which responds in an analog fashion to applied electric field. The higher-temperature phase is a new(More)
Recently, the topographic patterning of surfaces by lithography and nanoimprinting has emerged as a new and powerful tool for producing single structural domains of liquid crystals and other soft materials. Here the use of surface topography is extended to the organization of liquid crystals of bent-core molecules, soft materials that, on the one hand,(More)