Renee S Hill

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Accurate taxonomic identification of species at all life stages is critical to understand and predict the processes that together determine marine community dynamics. However, zooplankton assemblages may include numerous sibling and congeneric species distinguished by subtle morphological characteristics. Molecular systematic databases, including DNA(More)
Nothofagus holds a premier position in the study of Southern Hemisphere plant evolution and biogeography, and many have attempted to reconstruct its history. A recent surge of research on both living and fossil species has added valuable data to the debate, but has also introduced complications, including the now less certain familial relationships of the(More)
PURPOSE To elicit the perspective of patients with type 2 diabetes, specific to communication with providers and health care teams. METHODS We conducted 21 focus groups with 115 adults in Midwestern primary care, endocrinology, and bariatric surgery clinics. Facilitators analyzed the transcripts using an iterative coding method. RESULTS The themes of(More)
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