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PURPOSE To compare clinical performances in a third-year medicine clerkship between studies from a problem-based learning (PBL) curriculum and students from a traditional, lecture-based learning (LBL) curriculum. METHOD The study participants were 88 PBL students and 364 LBL students rotating through a common third-year internal medicine clerkship at the(More)
Congenitally missing lateral incisors are not a rarity in any dental practice, yet the treatment for this condition is usually a challenge. Various treatment possibilities and their indications, contraindications, and problems are discussed. A case report involving orthodontic treatment followed by placement of implants and single-tooth(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of the observational study was to determine whether interviewer race influences food frequency questionnaire (FFQ) reporting accuracy in a Deep South, largely African American cohort. METHODS A secondary analysis was conducted to investigate the influence of interviewer race on energy reporting of 319 African Americans who(More)
This review of the literature considers the role of the mandibular third molars in orthodontic relapse. Theories attempting to resolve the mystery of relapse following orthodontic treatment are presented. While the literature supports the conclusion that there are valid reasons to remove third molars, it does not greatly support prophylactic removal and(More)
While dentists are in a position to report suspected child abuse and neglect (SCAN), few reports are made by dentists. Evidence exists that dentists are not well-informed about SCAN, but even with education about SCAN, dentists continue to make few reports. Reasons for low reporting are noted. This article lists criteria which will be helpful in determining(More)