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The purpose of the study was to compare the impact of continuing medical education for primary care physicians in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, delivered through a problem-based learning (PBL) format with that of a lecture-based format, in the clinical area of headache diagnosis and management. From January to June 1995, 38 physicians participated in three(More)
A new formulation of zolmitriptan has been developed that dissolves on the tongue without the need for additional fluid intake. In this double-blind, parallel study, 471 patients were randomized to receive the zolmitriptan orally disintegrating tablet 2.5 mg (n=231) or matching placebo (n=240) to treat a single moderate or severe migraine. Headache relief(More)
  • R Allan Purdy
  • 2008
Migraine with aura and without aura share the same clinical features with respect to the headache, and differ nosologically in the presence or absence of aura. The mechanisms of aura generation are now becoming clearer, based on imaging studies, and a common migraine pathophysiology for all subtypes of migraine headaches now seems reasonable, as it would(More)
OBJECTIVE To provide physicians and allied health care professionals with guidelines for the diagnosis and management of migraine in clinical practice. OPTIONS The full range and quality of diagnostic and therapeutic methods available for the management of migraine. OUTCOMES Improvement in the diagnosis and treatment of migraine, which will lead to a(More)
BACKGROUND Health care providers frequently cite concerns about cardiovascular safety of the triptans as a barrier to their use. In 2002, the American Headache Society convened the Triptan Cardiovascular Safety Expert Panel to evaluate the evidence on triptan-associated cardiovascular risk and to formulate consensus recommendations for making informed(More)
Until recently, much of the medical and psychological literature has examined and conceptualized the taking of medication from the viewpoint of adherence to or compliance with recommendations from health professionals. However, some authors have argued that medication taking is mostly determined by patient decision making. In order to investigate the(More)
This article overviews headache and brain tumors, particularly from the diagnostic point of view of patients presenting with headache as their major symptom. Common and uncommon brain tumors can produce headache and investigation is warranted if any red flags are present. An overview of particular tumors and their presentations are covered along with some(More)
We review the current state of knowledge regarding headache and brain tumors. The epidemiology of this clinically relevant area is highlighted along with general clinical features of headache disorders seen in brain tumor patients. Some rarer clinical presentations are noted, particularly in relationship to the newly described trigeminal autonomic(More)