Renee Merrell

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BACKGROUND Anoninvasive cardiac output (CO) monitor (NICOM), using Bioreactance technology, has been validated in several nontrauma patient studies. We hypothesized that NICOM CO would have more significant associations with clinical conditions than would systolic blood pressure (sBP). METHODS This is a prospective observational study of consecutive(More)
BACKGROUND In a smaller experience, the authors previously demonstrated that end-tidal carbon dioxide (PetCO2) and cardiac output (CO) had a positive association in emergently intubated trauma patients during Emergency Department resuscitation. The aim of this larger study was to reassess the relationship of PetCO2 with CO and identify patient(More)
BACKGROUND The impact of antithrombotic agents (warfarin, clopidogrel, ASA) on traumatic brain injury outcomes is highly controversial. Although cerebral atrophy is speculated as a risk for acute intracranial hemorrhage, there is no objective literature evidence. MATERIALS AND METHODS This is a retrospective, consecutive investigation of patients with(More)
Gross vesicoureteral reflux with infection can retard renal growth. Resumption of renal growth or even accelerated growth has been reported after successful surgical repair of reflux in children. No published reports examining the effect on physical growth are available. The preoperative and postoperative physical growth curves were examined in 35(More)
A retrospective study of 54 partial cystectomies done between 1958 and 1973 was undertaken to evaluate the proper role of the procedure in the treatment of bladder carcinoma. The operative mortality rate was 1.8% and the postoperative morbidity was low in the series. The 5-year survival rate for stages B1 (21 cases) and B2 (16 cases) lesions was 57%, with(More)
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