Renee Lichter

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INTRODUCTION Little is known about changes in regional brain volume after stroke. We investigated cortical thickness changes over 3 months in a group of stroke patients compared with controls. MATERIAL AND METHODS Patients with acute hemispheric stroke were studied within 3h of stroke onset and serially over 3 months. We compared the acute and 3 month(More)
There is considerable controversy about the causes of cognitive decline after stroke, with evidence for both the absence and coexistence of Alzheimer pathology. A reduction in cortical thickness has been shown to be an important biomarker for the progression of many neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer's disease (AD). However, brain volume(More)
OBJECTIVE The authors sought to investigate whether the structural development of limbic, striatal, and prefrontal regions that are critically implicated in the pathophysiology of depression is associated with adolescent-onset depression. METHOD In a longitudinal design, a risk enriched community sample of 86 adolescents (41 of them female) who had no(More)
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