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The generation of biologically active proteins by regulated intramembrane proteolysis is a highly conserved mechanism in cell signaling. Presenilin-dependent gamma-secretase activity is responsible for the intramembrane proteolysis of selected type I membrane proteins, including beta-amyloid precursor protein (APP) and Notch. A small fraction of(More)
Children's thinking about diversity of belief in 4 realms--morality, taste, facts, and ambiguous facts--was examined. Ninety-six participants (ages 5, 7, and 9) were interviewed about beliefs different from their own that were endorsed by characters with different status; their judgments of relativism, tolerance, and disagreeing persons were assessed.(More)
While the main technical focus of the Semantic Web initiative is to enable machine interpretation of self-describing information and services, its goal is to serve human needs, not the needs of machines. Information delivery systems should behave as if they know what's relevant to their users. Maintaining this illusion is challenging, more so because the(More)
We and others have previously described signatures of tolerance in kidney transplantation showing the differential expression of B cell-related genes and the relative expansions of B cell subsets. However, in all of these studies, the index group-namely, the tolerant recipients-were not receiving immunosuppression (IS) treatment, unlike the rest of the(More)
ii Acknowledgments I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to my graduate advisor, Dr. Thomas Klei, for his patience, wisdom, guidance, and financial support during this study. This thesis is dedicated to him. Also, I would like to thank Dr. Sharon Chirgwin for her patience as well as for teaching me the laboratory and analytical(More)
  • Amy Mall, Sharon Buccino, +63 authors Kim Weber
  • 2008
ii About NRDC NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council) is a national nonprofit environmental organization with more than 1.2 million members and online activists. Since 1970, our lawyers, scientists, and other environmental specialists have worked to protect the world's natural resources, public health, and the environment. NRDC has offices in New Rocky(More)
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