Renee H. Choi

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Bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPs) and Wnts are growth factors that provide essential patterning signals for cell proliferation and differentiation. Here, we describe a molecular mechanism by which the phosphorylation state of the Drosophila transcription factor Mad determines its ability to transduce either BMP or Wingless (Wg) signals. Previously, Mad was(More)
In the vertebrates, the BMP/Smad1 and TGF-beta/Smad2 signaling pathways execute antagonistic functions in different contexts of development. The differentiation of specific structures results from the balance between these two pathways. For example, the gastrula organizer/node of the vertebrates requires a region of low Smad1 and high Smad2 signaling. In(More)
Tachyphylaxis to peripheral neural blockade was determined with repeated injections of a constant dose of lidocaine in three experimental models: sciatic nerve block, produced by intraneural or extraneural injections, and infiltration anesthesia. A decrease in the duration of the subsequent blocks was used as the index of tachyphylaxis development. The(More)
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