Renee Carlton

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  • R S Carlton
  • 1987
Thirty food service workers were randomly assigned to two groups; one group received body mechanics instruction while the other did not. The application of the instruction was measured by evaluating the subjects' use of body mechanics on a novel lifting and lowering task and during performance on the job. Results indicated that the group which received(More)
The effects of light and elevated pCO2 on the growth and photochemical efficiency of the critically endangered staghorn coral, Acropora cervicornis, were examined experimentally. Corals were subjected to high and low treatments of CO2 and light in a fully crossed design and monitored using 3D scanning and buoyant weight methodologies. Calcification rates,(More)
Experiments have demonstrated that ocean acidification (OA) conditions projected to occur by the end of the century will slow the calcification of numerous coral species and accelerate the biological erosion of reef habitats (bioerosion). Microborers, which bore holes less than 100 μm diameter, are one of the most pervasive agents of bioerosion and are(More)
A literature search of the past 20 years of publications on radiographic repeat/reject rates located 11 reports of 48 studies. A significant unpublished 12th report added a 49th. This article evaluates these studies to propose mean radiographer repeat/reject rates and reasons for economic uses in administrative evaluations. A comprehensive bibliography(More)
Educators and administrators often are called upon to estimate the economic considerations of students in radiology departments for clinical education. Yet, little has been written about student radiographic reject rates. This study assessed the radiographic reject rate of 320 first- and second-year students from 21 hospital- and college-sponsored programs(More)
Biodegradable albumin microspheres have been prepared incorporating either 131I or 111In/111In. Using cDTPAA/albumin molar ratios of 1, 3 and 10, approx. 0.7, 2.1 and 7 molecules of DTPA could be coupled to an albumin molecule, labelling efficiency being constant over this range. Because 131I microspheres were more stable in plasma than the system labelled(More)
Radiology departments are being required to establish functioning quality assurance programs in all areas. This article discusses methods and resources for the establishment of a total quality assurance program which meets current federal recommendations for equipment specifications, acceptance testing, staff inservice education, and performance monitoring(More)
The principles of radiographic exposure are not included in the American College of Radiology Index for Radiological Diagnoses. A supplement covering such information would permit consistent indexing and integration of principles of radiographic exposure teaching case files with the comprehensive and well-accepted ACR anatomical and pathological index. This(More)