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The therapeutic alliance has a long history in the child and adolescent psychotherapy literature. This article examines prominent views on the alliance with youth and considers a number of issues that distinguish youth alliance from its adult counterpart. A meta-analysis of alliance-outcome associations in individual youth therapy is presented. In order to(More)
  • R A Brown
  • International journal of psychology : Journal…
  • 2012
Little research has been conducted outside of the European-North American cultural area concerning the personality-based determinants of musical genre preferences The present research investigated the personality profiles and general music genre preferences of 268 Japanese college students. Six dimensions and 24 facets of personality, and 12 music genres,(More)
An attitude scale was devised to discriminate between the extremes of doctor-centred, disease-oriented as opposed to patient-centred, problem-oriented (the DP scale). Four groups of subjects (214 in all) were tested with a Likert-type questionnaire based on this scale. Significant differences in attitude between the groups were found. Educational(More)
The incidence of sexual contact with boys by women was found more prevalent than had been contended in the clinical literature. Male penitentiary inmates reported higher heterosexual contact as children than did college men. The effects upon the boy and his later adult sex life were generally reported as not traumatic, although coercion by the woman tended(More)
This study is based on the reports of 384 adults who were abused physically, sexually, and/or emotionally in childhood by family members. It describes the survivors' attempts, as children, to get help by disclosing the abuse to someone who might intervene; those who did not disclose explain their reasons. The results indicate that disclosure usually did not(More)
The characteristics and functioning of adolescent female prostitutes were studied with nonprostitute delinquents and normal female adolescents constituting the control groups. All subjects were administered psychometric instruments and a life-history inventory. The most salient finding was that the adolescents displayed greater psychopathology as assessed(More)
BACKGROUND There have been fluctuations in research interest into the inclusion of children with disabilities in mainstream schools over the last twenty years. It is still not clear what methods, practices and types of contact are most likely to promote positive attitudes in children toward disabled peers and disability generally. AIMS To consider two(More)
Long-term outcomes of a short-term group treatment program for abuse husbands were investigated in a controlled study. Recidivism rates, based on police reports, were found to be lower than those for a control group of untreated abusive husbands; they were also found to be lower for those men initially exhibiting greater depression. Implications for further(More)
The present research is an examination of the parameters and correlates of kanashibari, operationally defined as being unable to move upon awakening or before falling asleep. Nonclinical Japanese individuals (N = 720), 34% of whom reported an experience of kanashibari at least once, were administered D. I. Templer's (1970) Death Anxiety Scale, R. Brown's(More)