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Structural changes in the external retinal layers of pigs' eyes that had previously been subjected to blunt non-perforating mechanical injuries have been described. Within minutes of trauma fragmentation of the photoreceptor outer segments and damage to the retinal pigment epithelium was recorded in areas of retina adjacent to the missile impact site on the(More)
The level of lesions within the human retina causing transient post-concussive retinal opacification (Berlin's oedema) remains unclear, as histological examination of this tissue is rarely possible before the ophthalmoscopic changes resolve. Studies in vivo of retinae in man and experimental animals previously subjected to blunt, nonperforating mechanical(More)
In response to increasing demands some emergency departments have introduced transdisciplinary care coordination teams. Such teams comprise staff from multiple disciplines who are trained to perform roles outside their usual scope of practice. This study aimed to critically evaluate the patient, carer and ED staff perceptions of the transdisciplinary model(More)
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