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Advances in electronics over the past decade have produced major improvements in the power and flexibility of personal computer systems. Unfortunately current avionics systems for space applications typically have not leveraged these COTS advantages. Recently, there has been a trend toward utilization of commercial bus interconnects, primarily VME and PCI.(More)
As with every major social revolution, the advent of the digital age was accompanied by growing pains. Many of the methods used in the first few decades were ultimately rejected for better and more proven approaches. Complex systems such as aircraft avionics or military weapons control systems are no longer the purview of the omniscient hardware guru or(More)
The latest NASA initiative for Human Space, namely the Space Exploration Vision, which encompasses Project Constellation, provides new opportunities for system implementation. The second wave of development after Crew Exploration Vehicle and Crew Launch Vehicle development, and following Shuttle retirement, will be development of lunar base concepts and(More)
The tremendous growth of social media content on the Internet has inspired the development of the text analytics to understand and solve real-life problems. Leveraging statistical topic modelling helps researchers and practitioners in better comprehension of textual content as well as provides useful information for further analysis. Statistical topic(More)
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