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Integration of management systems across technological and administrative domain boundaries is a necessary prerequisite for automating or optimising service management. Despite many years of standardisation effort the number of management technologies and interface specifications seems to continue to increase. An architectural approach to integrated network(More)
This deliverable provides the specifications of the initial PROSPECT System Model. It includes the enterprise, information and computational models and technology constraints for PROSPECT Trial 1 as well as a first definition of the PROSPECT System Modelling Approach. Copyright The present document (AC052/GMD/WP2/DS/S/003/b1) has been produced by the(More)
This paper describes a virtual private network (VPN) management service developed to support IP-based multi-media teleservices in the ACTS project Prospect. The service is targeted for an open service market with multiple competing and cooperating providers. It provides end-to-end connection management in a heterogeneous network infrastructure with many(More)
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