Rene Remmelt Willy Johan van der Hulst

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Ten families (Down syndrome children and their parents) showing evidence of meiotic recombination between intraparental chromosomes transmitted after nondisjunction were studied. Cytogenetic polymorphisms and a cassette of RFLP markers distributed along chromosome 21 were used to analyze these families to localize the regions of meiotic recombination.(More)
The introduction of minimally invasive surgery in the early 1990s has rapidly changed the performance of surgical procedures in a wide range of surgical specialities. Postoperative pain, discomfort and morbidity are caused by trauma created by trying to gain access to the area of surgery, rather than by the surgical procedure itself. Through the application(More)
Many different techniques have been described in the past for nose reconstruction. Of these, nasolabial and forehead flaps are the most frequently performed. The disadvantage of local flaps is that they do not accurately reproduce the alar rim contour, despite secondary surgical revisions. We present a full-thickness nostril reconstruction after a dog bite(More)
Isolated synostosis of the frontosphenoidal suture is very rare and difficult to diagnose. Little has been reported on the clinical presentation and fetal development of this suture. To understand the development of the frontosphenoidal suture and the outcome of its synostosis. We studied the normal fetal development of the frontosphenoidal suture in dry(More)
BACKGROUND The impact of metronidazole resistance on the efficacy of proton pump inhibitor based triple therapies remains unclear. AIM To study whether metronidazole resistance affects Helicobacter pylori eradication rates in patients treated for 1 week with either omeprazole 20 mg b.d., metronidazole 400 mg b.d. and clarithromycin 250 mg b.d. (OMC), or(More)
To define the role of the lung in the production of glutamine in the critically ill and to determine the effects of the presence of pulmonary infiltrates and the presence and severity of sepsis. Prospective clinical study in a single center; interdisciplinary intensive care unit at a university hospital. Eleven critically ill patients were compared to ten(More)
Even though the number of women seeking reconstruction after mastectomy has risen during the last decade from 10% to 30%, this percentage remains low. Research suggests that quality of life improves after breast reconstruction. This raises the question as to why reconstructive surgery is not performed more often. Could it be that only those patients asking(More)
BACKGROUND Pressure ulcers are a major healthcare problem and caused by pressure and shear-forces. Although shear-force is understood to be a major contributing factor, no preventive interventions are specifically aimed at relieving the effect of shear on skin to improve skin viability. METHODS A physical model was used to apply a combined loading of(More)
A 66-year-old man with pain and swelling of the left elbow is presented. The elbow was severely disfigured as a result of a childhood trauma in the Second World War. After 60 years without complaints, he presented with what was initially diagnosed as bursitis. After surgical treatment, a large wound dehiscence occurred. The defect was reconstructed(More)