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DNA transposition is an important biological phenomenon that mediates genome rearrangements, inheritance of antibiotic resistance determinants, and integration of retroviral DNA. Transposition has also become a powerful tool in genetic analysis, with applications in creating insertional knockout mutations, generating gene-operon fusions to reporter(More)
Liver tumors from interspecific hybrid, transgenic mice containing the SV40 early region linked to a mouse major urinary protein enhancer/promoter were analyzed for loss of heterozygosity to identify chromosomal regions which potentially contain genetic loci involved in multistep tumorigenesis. A broad pattern of complete and partial loss of heterozygosity(More)
We provide a framework for separation-logic based correctness proofs of Imperative HOL programs. Our framework comes with a set of proof methods to automate canonical tasks such as verification condition generation and frame inference. Moreover, we provide a set of examples that show the applicability of our framework. The examples include algorithms on(More)
Privacy is a software quality that is closely related to security. The main difference is that security properties aim at the protection of assets that are crucial for the considered system, and privacy aims at the protection of personal data that are processed by the system. The identification of privacy protection needs in complex systems is a hard and(More)