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Recent research in the field of computational social science have shown how data resulting from the widespread adoption and use of social media channels such as twitter can be used to predict outcomes such as movie revenues, election winners, localized moods, and epidemic outbreaks. Underlying assumptions for this research stream on predictive analytics are(More)
This paper argues that the basic premise of Social Network Analysis (SNA) -- namely that social reality is constituted by dyadic relations and that social interactions are determined by structural properties of networks-- is neither necessary nor sufficient, for Big Social Data analytics of Facebook or Twitter data. However, there exist no other holistic(More)
Lightweight cold-formed steel (CFS) framing is an effective building solution for low and mid-rise structures. However, systems level response and component contributions as well as their interactions such as those from lateral-load resisting systems, floor diaphragms, studs to track connections, etc., are not fully understood. Existing building codes for(More)
As the Engineer of Record (EOR) your responsibilities run far and wide. Your primary concern is the structural frame, so for many, when it comes time to worry about the building’s exterior skin, very little detail is provided. Instead, a generic phrase is often included in the contract documents. For example, “Design of curtainwall and metal stud framing(More)
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