Rene Landgraf

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Beyond doubt through silicon vias (TSVs) will pave the way for 3D interconnects and therefore initiate what is widely considered as the next revolution for electronic packaging and hetero system integration. During the last years the manufacturing of through silicon vias has been intensely studied in Advanced Packaging and starts industrial(More)
This paper presents the development and use of novel concise mode diagrams as a fast and useful tool for designing planar optical waveguides. By usage of these mode diagrams, the waveguide geometry and materials can be conveniently chosen. The mode diagrams calculated with the so called Matrix-EIM are particularly useful for the design of straight planar(More)
The direct patterning of hybrid-polymer microring resonators with minimal residual layers by UV-assisted nanoimprint lithography is reported. The proposed stamp-and-repeat technology requires no post-processing. The imprint polymer was applied by spin-coating as a 130-150 nm thin initial film for an optimized processing. The importance of the initial film(More)
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